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Building Materials & Services

  • Green Retrofit Planning and Implementation
  • Supplier of Cabinets, Roofing, Flooring, Siding, and Windows
  • Contracting for Renovation Projects
  • HUD REAC Preparation and Score Dispute Services
  • Lender mandated critical & non-critical repair projects

Supplies & Contracting for Renovations and Disasters

We provide supplies and contracting services for the renovation and restoration of multiple dwelling apartment projects located anywhere in the United States.

Lender Mandated Critical & Non-critical Repair Projects

Our renovation assignments often involve repairs planned as part of a purchaser’s acquisition and renovation of a new project or a refinance of an existing one. We can take on the task of completing the critical and non-critical repairs for projects financed through the FHA 223(f) and 221(d)(4) loan programs, HUD’s Mark-to-Market and Section 202 programs and loans through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, banks and conduits. We are aware of and sensitive to the deadlines imposed by lenders and can accommodate most timetables.

Our team has experience reviewing the Property Condition Assessments (PCA) reports prepared for lenders and carrying out the work scopes specified in them. We are familiar the design requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and utilize best practices to manage mold, lead, asbestos containing materials and other hazardous materials.

In addition, we are familiar with the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program and have developed methods to complete full renovations to apartment units without having to move out tenants, allowing the units to remain qualified for the rehab tax credit. Our company generally meets the qualifications to become an approved general contractor for tax credit syndicators and investors and for projects financed through housing financing agencies.

For publicly funded projects, we have the financial strength to provide the payment and performance bonds and can satisfy the prevailing wage and fringe benefit requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act and the requirements relating to Equal Opportunity Contracting (EOC).

HUD REAC Preparation

For owners with projects insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), we provide assistance in preparing for the inspections performed by HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC). We have become experts at passing these inspections. We understand the scoring system and what it takes to get passing scores of 60 or higher. And when the score is unreasonably low, as is often the case, we know how to challenge failing scores through database adjustments and technical reviews.

Green Retrofits

We offer an array of services designed to reduce utility and maintenance expenses for owners. The cost savings can be very significant and often allow owners to recoup the up-front outlay in a short period of time.

Our work produces buildings that are less expensive to operate and healthy for the occupants. We have expertise in identifying cost-saving improvements to HVAC, building structures and any devices and equipment that use electricity, gas or water. Our services include energy audits, design review of engineering plans, grant writing, bid specifications, construction management or general contracting for any type of major installation or retrofit.

We also keep abreast of the latest funding programs available to help owners to obtain project financing for green improvements. In some cases, Multifamily Construction & Supply LLC offers construction financing to qualifying projects.

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